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Improved performance

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VitaDot Vitality

  • Energy return: The VitaDot Vitality insoles are equipped with a special technology that effectively returns the energy expended while walking to reduce fatigue and promote vitality throughout the day.
  • Comfort and support: Designed to follow natural foot movements and provide optimal comfort by evenly distributing pressure and providing shock absorption.
  • Breathable material: High-quality materials ensure good air circulation, keeping feet dry and thus improving the wearing comfort.
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VitaDot Performance

  • Improved performance: These insoles are specially designed for high-performance sports and offer additional stability and improved proprioception, which leads to better body awareness and increased performance.
  • Durability: Robust materials and advanced workmanship ensure a long service life even under extreme conditions.
  • Targeted cushioning: Strategically placed cushioning elements absorb shocks and minimise strain during intensive activities.
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VitaDot Walk&Run

  • Flexibility and freedom of movement: Perfect for everyday use and regular running training, these soles support natural foot movements while providing protection and comfort.
  • Energy efficiency: The soles are designed to effectively utilise the energy generated during running and thus improve endurance.
  • Moisture management: High-quality materials wick away moisture and keep feet dry and comfortable even on longer runs.
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VitaDot Soccer

  • Optimal traction: Special traction patterns on the soles provide improved grip and control on the pitch, increasing safety and performance.
  • Shock absorption: Targeted cushioning zones absorb the shocks and impacts typical of football to prevent injuries.
  • Anatomical fit: The insoles are specially developed for the requirements of football players, with a fit that fulfils the anatomical characteristics of the foot shape while providing support.

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