Dyeing and finishing

Our in-house dyeing facility offers advanced solutions for finishing yarns, cords and ribbons made from a variety of natural and synthetic materials.

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Versatile finishing processes

In addition to traditional methods such as finishing and waxing, we rely on innovative technologies to provide our products with additional functions. Our special finishes enable us to integrate hydrophobic, hydrophilic, flame-retardant and antibacterial properties into the textiles.

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Customised products for sensitive products

For particularly sensitive applications, such as toy cords, we offer customised solutions that meet strict safety and quality requirements. These products are specially manufactured according to our customers’ individual specifications to ensure maximum satisfaction and safety.

FAQ on dyeing and finishing technology at Barthels-Feldhoff in Wuppertal

Our dyeing plant in Wuppertal utilises advanced technologies to finish yarns, cords and ribbons made from a variety of natural and synthetic materials. Thanks to our flexible machinery, we are able to customise the production processes precisely to the needs of our customers, regardless of whether small or large batch sizes are involved.

We offer classic and specialised processes, including finishing, waxing and treatments that impart hydrophobic, hydrophilic, flame-retardant and antibacterial properties. These specialised finishes enable us to produce highly functional textiles for demanding applications.

All colouring processes are subject to strict controls to ensure that every batch meets our high quality standards. We use precise colour matching systems based on international standards such as HKS, Pantone and RAL to ensure consistent and accurate colour results.

For special applications, we can customise colour and finishing processes to achieve exactly the desired look and technical properties. This includes meeting specific specifications for sensitive products, such as toy cords, which are finished to exact customer requirements.

Our dyeing plant in Wuppertal processes a wide range of materials, including natural fibres such as cotton and wool as well as synthetic fibres such as polyester and nylon. This diversity enables us to offer customised solutions for our customers across all industries. In addition to conventional textiles, we also offer dyeing for special textiles, such as technical fabrics and high-performance fibres used in the automotive industry, medical technology and other high-tech sectors.

We use state-of-the-art colour management systems that ensure accurate reproduction of colour shades across large batches. These systems allow us to ensure colour consistency across different production runs and ensure that all products meet the specific requirements of our customers. Our team works closely with each customer to create samples and prototypes prior to mass production. This ensures that the final products meet the exact specifications required.

Customised solutions for your product

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