With our advanced technology and decades of experience in textile manufacturing, we guarantee that every product is perfectly finished and ready for use.

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Comprehensive processing techniques

From cut to seam – our expertise includes advanced cutting techniques ranging from precise cutting technology to hot and cold cutting. We ensure accurate and clean processing, which forms the basis for the high-quality final assembly of our textile products. Techniques such as needling, sewing and punching are used in final assembly. These processes are designed to ensure a durable and aesthetically pleasing finish. Our meticulous manufacturing processes ensure that each product meets the specific requirements of our customers.

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Finishing and packaging solutions

Our finishing services offer additional value such as blister packs, individual packaging and special roll wraps that not only ensure protection during transport, but also enable a ready-to-sell presentation. Every detail is considered to provide an optimal solution for distribution and retail. Automatic ring sewing and interlocking are examples of our automated processes that increase efficiency and consistency in production. These technologies enable us to deliver precise and fast results, even for high volumes, which is particularly important for large orders.

FAQ on packaging technology at Barthels-Feldhoff in Wuppertal

Finishing includes all steps in the final production of textile products, from cutting technology to complete assembly. This process is crucial to transforming products from raw material into ready-to-sell items. We use various techniques, including cutting, sewing, punching and packaging. These processes enable us to produce high-quality textile products exactly to customer specifications.

We process a wide range of materials, including natural fibres such as cotton and synthetic fibres such as polyester, as well as technical textiles that meet special requirements. Our technologies enable the processing of special materials that require special properties such as heat resistance or particular flexibility.

Wuppertal is historically a centre of the textile industry in Germany. Our regional roots give us access to qualified specialists and an excellent infrastructure. The geographical location in Wuppertal facilitates cooperation with other companies in the textile industry and optimises logistical processes, which increases the efficiency and speed of order processing.

We advise our customers in detail on the selection of materials and the planning of production processes. Our aim is to jointly develop solutions that are precisely tailored to the areas of application and market requirements.

Through our research and development department, we offer innovative approaches to textile products that overcome technical challenges and open up new market opportunities.

Customised solutions for your product

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