Robot Assisted Manufacturing

Our specialised production processes use state-of-the-art robot technology (RAM) to develop customised textile solutions that are precisely tailored to our customers’ requirements.

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RAM in Textilindustrie

Innovative production processes

Our focus on fibre composite technology enables us to produce materials with exceptional properties. This technology is ideal for the production of components that need to combine lightness with high resilience, as required in the automotive, aerospace and many other sectors. By utilising robotic manufacturing processes, we can design and manufacture products with specific properties that are perfectly tailored to our customers’ applications. This precision in manufacturing leads to greater efficiency and innovation.

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Roboter in Textilbranche

Flexible handling of different materials

Our RAM systems are equipped with advanced technology that makes it possible to process a wide variety of material types and geometries. This flexibility allows us to produce a wide range of textile products, from simple fabrics to complex structures. With a maximum production length of 4.5 metres and the ability to handle different core types, our production sets new standards in the textile industry. The precise control of the production processes by robots ensures the highest quality and consistency in every manufactured part.

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Customised solutions for every customer

Whether reversible or permanent core systems are involved, our technology allows almost unlimited flexibility in component design. With braiding angle changes over the entire production length and the possibility of realising multi-layer structures, we are setting new standards in performance orientation. Our choice of materials ranges from carbon to glass and aramid fibres and offers numerous options for hybrid structures as well as multi- or monofilament configurations. Carbon fibre finenesses from 1 K to 24 K can be processed as standard and up to 50 K as a special solution.

FAQ on Robot Assisted Manufacturing at Barthels-Feldhoff in Wuppertal

RAM is a state-of-the-art manufacturing process that uses robots and automated machines to maximise efficiency and precision in production. This technology plays a crucial role in our manufacturing process, especially in the production of complex textile components.

We use this technology to develop customised solutions that are specifically tailored to the individual requirements of our customers from various industries.

Robotic systems enable extremely accurate processing of materials, resulting in products that consistently meet high quality standards. By utilising RAM, we can ensure that every item is manufactured to the exact same high standards, improving the overall quality of our product range.

RAM is used in various production areas, including the manufacture of fibre composite materials, precision assembly and automated cutting and sewing. The technology enables us to develop customised solutions for industries such as the automotive industry, aviation and medical technology.

By using advanced technologies such as RAM, we are strengthening Wuppertal’s position as a leading centre for innovation in the textile industry. The implementation of such technologies makes our company and the region attractive to highly qualified specialists, which leads to further growth and development.

By minimising material waste and optimising energy efficiency, our robot-assisted production processes contribute to sustainability. We rely on technologies that help to reduce energy consumption and minimise the environmental impact of our production processes. We continuously invest in research and development in order to expand our RAM capacities and develop even more precise and efficient production methods. In the face of rapidly changing market conditions, we regularly adapt our technologies to offer innovative solutions that meet our customers’ needs.

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