We combine traditional craftsmanship with innovative technology to produce precise, high-quality twisted yarns.

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Our twisted yarn production process

We process both fibre and filament yarns in our twisting mill. This diversity enables us to produce a wide range of twisted yarns, from fine yarns for textiles to robust yarns for industrial applications. We achieve exceptional precision in the yarn structure by using advanced technologies in the high twisting of the yarns. This technique is critical to achieving the specific performance characteristics that our customers require.

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Flexible customisation of our twists

Each yarn is specially developed according to our customers’ specifications. This guarantees that each product has exactly the desired properties – whether in terms of tensile strength, elasticity or processability.

FAQ on twisting technology at Barthels-Feldhoff in Wuppertal

Our range includes ring and double-deck twisted yarns produced in various counts and for special applications, from textiles for the fashion industry to technical applications. The flexibility of our production allows us to respond to specific customer requirements, enabling customised solutions for every need.

Every yarn undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure compliance with the highest standards. Regular checks and tests in our in-house laboratory ensure that all products meet our customers’ expectations. Our processes are certified to international standards, underlining our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

We continuously invest in the latest twisting technology to increase efficiency and develop new product types that can fulfil more complex requirements. Through co-operation with technological partners and research institutes, we strive to constantly improve and develop our processes.

Our modern twisting machines are designed for energy efficiency, which minimises energy consumption and reduces our ecological footprint. We favour sustainably sourced raw materials and recycle where possible to do our bit for the environment.

With our expertise in twisting technology, we support customers in the development of special twisted products that are precisely tailored to their technical and aesthetic requirements. Our experienced team offers comprehensive advice and technical support from conception to final production to ensure optimal results.

Customised solutions for your product

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